OpenShift S2I Community

Community-maintained OpenShift Source-to-Image (S2I) builder images

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The OpenShift S2I Community contains community-maintained OpenShift Source-to-Image (S2I) builder images. This provides a central repository for custom builder images, with the benefits of collaborative maintenance: for example, ensuring continuity of project maintenance in the event that you take a vacation or decide to stop working on the project.

Although this project is not directly affiliated with or supported by with Red Hat, many of the OpenShift Origin maintainers also contribute here, so your project benefits from expert review.


  • All contributions MUST be submitted under a suitable open-source license to ensure legal redistribution. We suggest the Apache License version 2, in order to guarantee compatibility with the OpenShift Origin project itself
  • Copyrightable contributions SHOULD be accompanied with a statement stating compliance with the project license. We suggest the built-in Git "sign-off" method using the Linux Foundation's Developer Certificate of Origin. For further details, see The most powerful contributor agreement and the description of the process for the Linux project: Sign your work